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    Bosch Alternator for BMW,CA1774IR,0124325030,0124325062

    Item Code: Features:12V 145A Used on:Bmw
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    Bosch Alternator for BMW,CA1774IR,0124325030,0124325062

    12V 145A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester 23254
    2 Cargo CA1774IR
    3 Bmw 12317521384
    4 Bmw 12317521488
    5 Bmw 12317521489
    6 Bmw 12317521490
    7 Bmw 12317521491
    8 Bmw 12317532964
    9 Bmw 12317532965
    10 Bmw 12317532966
    11 Bmw 12317532968
    12 Bmw 12317532969
    13 Bmw 12317533270
    14 Bmw 12317533272
    15 Bosch 0124325030
    16 Bosch 0124325062
    17 Bosch 0124325087
    18 Bosch 0124325116
    19 Bosch 0124525045
    20 Bosch 0124525059
    21 Bosch 0986046130
    22 Bosch 0986046270
    23 Bosch 0986047240
    24 Bosch 4613
    25 Bosch 4627
    26 Bosch 4724
    27 Steyr 7532969
    28 Valeo 2542608A
    29 Valeo 2542753
    30 Valeo 437375
    31 Valeo 437435
    32 Valeo 437449
    33 Valeo 439476
    34 Valeo SG11B010
    35 Valeo SG14B017



    S/N Make Model Engine Year
    1 Bmw 116i 1.6 (E81 E87) 1596ccm N45B16 04-07
    2 Bmw 118i 2.0 (E81) 1995ccm N46B20 07-
    3 Bmw 118i 2.0 (E87) 1995ccm N46B20 04-07
    4 Bmw 120i 2.0 (E81 E87) 1995ccm N46B20 04-07
    5 Bmw 316Ci 1.6 (E46) 1595ccm N40B16A 02-04
    6 Bmw 316i 1.6 (E46) 1595ccm N40B16A 02-04
    7 Bmw 316i 1.6 (E46) 1595ccm N45B16A 02-05
    8 Bmw 316i 1.6 (E90) 1596ccm N45B16A 05-07
    9 Bmw 316i 1.8 (E46) 1796ccm N42B18A 02-04
    10 Bmw 316ti 1.6 Compact (E46) 1595ccm N40B16A 02-04
    11 Bmw 316ti 1.8 Compact (E46) 1796ccm N42B18A 01-04
    12 Bmw 318Ci 2.0 (E46) 1995ccm N46B20. 04-07
    13 Bmw 318Ci 2.0 (E46) 1995ccm N46B20A 05-
    14 Bmw 318Ci 2.0i (E46) 1995ccm N42B20A 01-
    15 Bmw 318i 2.0 (E46) 1995ccm N42B20A 01-
    16 Bmw 318i 2.0 (E46) 1995ccm N46B2A 04-
    17 Bmw 318i 2.0 (E90) 1995ccm N46B20 05-07
    18 Bmw 318i 2.0 (E91) 1995ccm N46B20 06-07
    19 Bmw 318ti 2.0 Compact (E46) 1995ccm N42B20A 01-
    20 Bmw 320i 2.0 (E92 E93) 1995ccm N46B20B 07-
    21 Bmw 320i 2.0 (E93) 1995ccm N46B20B 07-
    22 Bmw X3 2.0i (E83) 1995ccm N46B20B 05-08
    23 Bmw X3 xDrive 20i (E83) 1995ccm N46B20B 08-
    24 Bmw Z4 2.0i (E85) 1995ccm N46B20 05-

    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

    If above 10pcs, the delivery time is 30-45days according to the exact quantity and model.

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