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    Mando alternator JA684IR,AB190025,AB190119

    Item Code: Features:12V 90A used on:Hyundai,Kia,Mitsubishi
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    Mando alternator JA684IR,AB190025,AB190119

    12v, 90A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester 13289
    2 Cargo JA684IR
    2 Hyundai 3730032800
    3 Hyundai 3730033100
    4 Hyundai 3730033101
    5 Hyundai 3730033103
    6 Lucas  LRA02646
    7 Lucas  LRA2646
    8 Mando AB190025
    9 Mando AB190119
    10 Mitsubishi A003T45691
    11 Mitsubishi A003T45693
    12 Mitsubishi A003T45693ZC
    13 Mitsubishi A003T45694
    14 Mitsubishi A3T45691
    15 Mitsubishi A3T45693
    16 Mitsubishi A3T45693ZC
    17 Mitsubishi A3T45694
    18 Mitsubishi MD149750
    19 Mitsubishi MD153357
    20 Mitsubishi MD153843
    21 Valeo 439415



    S/N Make Model Engine Year
    1 Hyundai Elantra 1.6i 1593ccm DOHC 91-95
    2 Hyundai Lantra 1.6i 1593ccm DOHC 91-95
    3 Hyundai Santamo 2.0i 1997ccm 96-02
    4 Hyundai Sonata I 2.0i AT 1997ccm G4CP-D 91-93
    5 Hyundai Sonata II 1.8i 1796ccm G4CM 93-98
    6 Hyundai Sonata II 2.0i 16V 1997ccm 4GCP 93-96
    7 Hyundai Sonata II 2.0i 16V AT 1997ccm 4GCP 93-96
    8 Kia Joice 2.0 AC AT 1998ccm Mazda 99-03
    9 Mitsubishi Colt III 1.8 GTi 16V C58A 1836ccm 4G67 90-92
    10 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 16V D22A 1997ccm 4G63 91-94
    11 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4 GS 16V 2389ccm 105KW 98-99
    12 Mitsubishi Galant IV 2.0 16V ( E33A) 1997ccm 4G63 87-92
    13 Mitsubishi Galant IV 2.0 GTi 16V E33A 1997ccm 4G63 89-92
    14 Mitsubishi Galant IV 2.0 GTi 16V 4x4 (E3 1997ccm 4G63 88-92
    15 Mitsubishi Galant IV 2.0 GTi 16V AT E33A 1997ccm 4G63 89-92
    16 Mitsubishi Lancer III 1.8 Gti C68A 16V 1836ccm 4G67 90-92
    17 Mitsubishi Santamo 2.0i 1997ccm 99-02


    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

    If above 10pcs, the delivery time is 30-45days according to the exact quantity and model.

    1. if small amount( within 1500usd) we accept Paypal or western Union.

    2.If Above 1500usd, we accept following payment term:

    • T/T 20% in advance, balance before shipment
    • L/C at sight
    • Aplipay(Escrow)

    We can ship the goods according to your requirments or use our way to ship the goods

    1.By air ( DHL, UPS,FEDEX,EMS,OTHER)

    2.By sea

    3.By train

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